All-round Detox


You feel that your body and your mind need to detoxify, you need a clean slate.

Detox processes are physical detoxification processes in which we help our body to regenerate itself; and, in addition, they are a fantastic opportunity to connect with yourself and reestablish your priorities in life.

Whatever your case, you can always benefit from a detox: 

  • Your energy level will raise
  • You will gain mental clarity and will know how to prioritize
  • Your digestions will improve and your digestive system will tune
  • Other systems such as the cardiovascular, the endocrine (hormons), the nervous, the locomotor… will also improve; your health will improve overall
  • Also your skin and your hair
  • If you suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping, you will rest better
  • You will learn to eat in a simple and natural way, avoiding trends or diets
  • You will learn to have a good relationship with food and to differentiate between emotional eating and true hunger
  • You will connect with your body understanding its signals as you have never thought before, and this will give you freedom
  • You will integrate easy tools to continue on your own when you finish the process

It is very important to be led by professionals, who understand each phase, each change and will accompany you throughout the process and at the end of it, in a safe and controlled manner.

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Contact me to look at your specific case and decide if it is the right process and the right time for you.

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