Hello! I’m Bea and I am so happy you are here!


I spent my childhood going through many weight loss diets in which, as you can imagine, not only did I not lose much weight, but I gained a little more with each of them, and I also gained frustration and despair. The way the dietitians “treated” me I can see now that it was wrong and would have never worked out. They didn’t talk to me about emotions, how I felt when I ate or when I should deprive myself, how upset I got every time my mum took me cloth shopping or when I saw my slim sister having a second serve of macaroni. Nor did they pay attention to my lifestyle, my biorhythms, my sleeping patterns or how my personal relationships were like.

Now, after the path I have followed in my life so far, I know that there is another much healthier, more realistic and effective way, not only to lose weight, but to gain health.

Do you want to know more about me?


I graduated in Veterinary Medicine from UCM some years ago. I worked in several cities and hospitals but I realised that it was not what I was looking for. Later I did a Master in Marketing and ended up working 15 years in marketing in animal nutrition in a multinational, in London and Madrid. My years in the UK allowed me to have an open minded vision of the world, of society; I was able to get to know other cultures and promote a more social way of living, not so individualistic. Sustainability, care for our environment, our planet and all the beings that live in it are fundamental pillars of what I am and feel today.

After my time in the multinationals I realised, even more, what path I wanted to follow and that is why I left that world to fully immerse myself in the natural and holistic world. Holistic means “the whole“, “to consider something as a whole“, that is, a comprehensive approach to our health.

This is now my life and it has changed me as a person, combining lifestyle, values ​​and work. I am a Hygienist Naturopath, Life Management Coach and Expert in Natural and Holistic Nutrition. Associate member of COFENAT (Natural and Alternative Therapies Association), member number 12.363.


I am a mother of two amazing little people; motherhood has totally transformed me. I practice yoga and I love to walk everywhere. Occasionally, together with my yoga teacher and friend, I organize consciousness retreats in the middle of nature. Ah! And I also take African dance classes that connect me with the deepest.

I consider that…

Our habits, our emotions and what surrounds us is what makes us the way we are, and in the same way, it shapes our health or the lack of it. That is why I work very thoroughly with each person who comes to me to change their life habits for healthier ones, to improve their health conditions and, ultimately, to guide you through the path to a fuller, happier life.

My values:




Personal and caring approach







Active listening



Continuous Learning

My mission is to guide you towards a healthier state and a simpler and happier life.

Now that you know me a little better, you will understand my commitment to people and society.

My work focuses on private, one-on-one sessions with clients who need a change in their lives and want to stop feeling bad, physically, psychologically or emotionally.

I also give talks and workshops to primary school students, parenting groups, women entrepreneurs, families … to all those who want to know more about a more friendly and coherent way of understanding the world. I also teach Holistic Nutrition in a Personal Development Master for future leaders – BSpark Leadership Academy. And from time to time I organise workshops on healthy cooking.

I read articles, books and any material I come across and that helps me see things globally.

I am always open to new challenges. If you think it may be interesting to do a workshop in your neighbourhood community, in your organisation or if you are open to new collaborations, please contact me!

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