A holistic approach

A holistic approach takes into account every area that affect your life. Since each individual is unique, your starting point will be, with no doubt, different from that of your neighbour, your partner, or your best friend, and therefore, must be treated individually. When the symptoms of disease appear, it is time to look at everything that may be happening, break it down as much as possible in order to find the cause. We will try to reduce or eliminate that cause, learn what to do if that situation happens again, and give our body and mind enough strength, enough space, and enough energy to allow it self-healing.


Naturopathy is a complementary therapy and as such does not exclude other types of medicine. They can work alongside. Advances in conventional medicine provide us with increasing specialization for each part of our body and therefore have a key role in the diagnosis of diseases or conditions. This, together with the comprehensive approach to hygienist naturopathy that considers our body and mind as a whole and as a sum of many parts, will surely lead us to a healthier state.

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