Energy is the key.
Do you want it back?

Heartburn, headaches, tiredness, lack of motivation, insomnia,… In recent decades, society has led us to an inappropriate lifestyle since we were little. We tend to shut symptoms down by taking medicines or undertaking surgeries, so we don’t feel them any longer.

However, the symptom appears to tell us something important, to show that there is something in our way of living that requires our attention and that requires action. We must go from being “patient” to being “actors” and thereby achieve well-being, that is, to be well, and be in charge of our lives.

Through a method by which we identify those areas of your life that drain your energy and those which would help you increase it, we find the right formula for you to have enough vital energy to heal your body and mind and make you feel good.

Why did you end up here?


If you are reading this, it’s probably because:

  • You have a health problem and you have tried different treatments, diets or processes that have not worked out and your problems are still there: dermatitis, digestive problems, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, stress …
  • You are looking for another way of doing things and of leading your life; a more conscious, natural, coherent and healthy way.
  • You want to take charge of your life and your health. You want to feel good at last.

I can help you. Working together you will learn not only adequate life habits to have a healthy body and mind, but you will re-encounter yourself and integrate small steps towards a fuller, happier and more peaceful life.

I have been there exactly where you are right now, saying to myself enough is enough! I want to own my life and I want to start feeling good and happier!

Contact me for a first courtesy consultation. I will be happy to meet you.






    Your energy cannot be created nor destroyed; but it does get lost and,
    working together, we will get it back.


    I am Bea and I am thrilled you are reading this.

    I spent my childhood doing weight loss diets but, as you can imagine, not only did I not lose weight, but I even gained a little with each of them and I also gained frustration and despair. The way the nutritionists at that time “treated” me I see now it was wrong and would never have worked. They didn’t ask me about emotions, how I felt when I ate, and when I couldn’t eat, how going with my mother to buy clothes made me feel or when I saw my slim sister having a second serve of macaroni. Nor did they pay attention to my lifestyle, my biorhythms, my sleeping patterns or what my personal relationships were like.

    Now, after the path I have been following in my life, I know that there is another way much healthier, more realistic, and effective, not only to lose weight, but to gain health.


     Do you want to know more about me?  

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