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Stress –  Anxiety

We can say that all of us without exception have felt stress at some point; right now, we are probably stressed about something. Furthermore, it seems to be the cause of everything that has no apparent cause, and we have learned to live with stress.

Sometimes stress can be positive when we have a deadline or to avoid danger.

However, when maintained over time it becomes anxiety and even when the cause for that stress disappears, the anxiety continues and the risk to develop health problems increases, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Skin problems, such as acne or eczema
  • Menstrual problems

It is time to act and look for the causes of these situations in order to recover our health.


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 You feel tired, you wake up without energy and with little motivation to face the day, you are upset and irritable, even the smallest things overwhelm you.

Insomnia is the most frequent sleep disorder in the general population. When our ability to sleep decreases, it can lead to different types of insomnia: onset, when it is difficult for us to fall asleep, or maintenance, when it is difficult for us to maintain sleep and we wake up in the middle of the night and we find it difficult to do it again, or we wake up definitely.

Lack of sleep can negatively affect the life of the person who suffers it, causing social and or occupational deterioration.

We cannot say what the standard number of sleeping hours is necessary for all of us; also we consider not only the quantity of sleep, but also the quality of it. Sometimes in certain individuals 5 or 6 hours of sleep can be enough to feel rested and perform normally on a daily basis, and other people may need 8 hours or more.

It is one of the conditions that would get more benefit from a holistic and comprehensive treatment, since each area of ​​our life may have something to do with that insomnia and requires a careful and thorough study.


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Depression – Low motivation

Depression is a frequent disorder, which manifests and develops in a few weeks. The symptoms are varied:

  • Apathy, discomfort, sadness
  • Not wanting to get up
  • undetermined pains,
  • general discomfort or lack of energy
  • loss of interest or pleasure,
  • feelings of guilt
  • lack of selfesteem,
  • sleep or appetite disorders,
  • tiredness
  • lack of concentration

It can become chronic or recurrent and significantly hinder performance at work or school and the ability to cope with daily life.

Spain is the fourth country in Europe with more cases of depression, more than 2 million people suffer from it. It is a taboo condition, we find it very hard to talk about it, and therefore, looking for a solution is usually difficult when we do not even know that we suffer it, or do not want to recognize it.

This naturopathy approach offers a friendly and very effective help in these cases, naturally, without side effects, and invites us to review our lives to understand the causes and at the same time have tools to make necessary changes that provide us with vital energy and make us feel better.


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Professional or personal crises


Crisis takes place when the old has not died and the new has still not been born.”  Bertolt Brech


Behind any crisis there is change, and beyond change, a better way of living. Crises manifest an unconscious part of the being that remains hidden and asks to be acknowledged and integrated.

Every crisis helps us to become aware of old habits that do not work and to understand that the lifestyle that we have up to now needs to come to an end.

Suffering is the effect of resistance to that change.

  • Are there aspects of your life that you have neglected?
  • Did you spend too much time at work regardless of your health, exercise, or social relationships?
  • How have you really lived so far?
  • What is worth doing?
  • Are you living as you are supposed to?
  • How should you live the rest of your life?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to overcome crises and move on towards a necessary new stage in your life. With this natural and holistic therapy, you will gain energy to have greater clarity and awareness to make important decisions and energy to go through the process with strength and motivation.

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Emotional hunger

Like with almost everything, we can learn a lot by observing children and animals, how they eat when they are really hungry, when their energy reserves are low, and they need to “refuel”.

However, as we grow up we learn to link hunger to our emotions. When a child falls over in the park, we give them a candy. When they get bored in the car, we take out the crisps. Even the movies constantly bombard us with similar messages: the actress breaks up with the partner and seeks comfort shoving down ice cream, the actor gets fired and gets drunk.

Our brain makes neural connections between these foods and the soothing or exciting effect they have on our body and mind.

Something that we have been “learning” for years, we cannot pretend to “unlearn” with a miracle diet, or in a few weeks. It is needed to do a thorough work on self-knowledge, on understanding ourselves, understanding what emotions appear in order to differentiate emotional hunger from real hunger, which is the one that nourishes us and does us good.

It is a work that requires courage and a lot of awareness.

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